Join the Pack! Save a Life!

Who are the Pup Pals?

GLAD YOU ASKED! Pup Pals is a 501(c)3 nonprofit service that creates videos for highly adoptable, but overlooked pups in rescues across the country. Our professional film crews and on-camera talent meet with rescues, find out what is unique and interesting about each dog, and we share their stories with potential adopters. These videos give adopters a much better idea of what this furever friend would be like in their home! And we do all of this at NO COST to the rescue!

That's Cool!
Do Videos Help?

THEY DO! Compared with traditional photos and bios, statistics show these videos help dogs get adopted at least twice as fast. That means more lives saved, resources more efficiently used, and more income for the rescues to operate. If you compare the amount of time the dogs were in rescue before the video to the amount of time from video to adoption, to date, Pup Pals videos have saved rescues across the country over 8,000 days!

Pup Pals videos are so helpful and accurate, our rate of return due to misunderstanding the dog’s personality is over 90% below the national average. This helps rescues avoid the burden of returned dogs, so they can focus on saving the next life.

Amazing! Do you have an Example?

Sure! How about three?

Clover is a wonderful senior dog who was being over looked in New York. The rescue felt the photos, although professional, weren’t showing the life and love this pup still had to give. We were able to highlight her young spirit and mature energy in a professional video, and she was adopted in less than one week!

83 Days with Rescue Before Video


Eva Rome is a wonderful pup who was being overlooked in a rescue in New Jersey. We were so surpised such a wonderful dog was in rescue for over six months. We made a video showing off her amazing and friendly personality, and her furever home was over the moon when they found the video!

191 Days with Rescue Before Video


Dakota had already been returned twice. She was a super shy pup, so she had the hardest time meeting new people.  We were able to show how loving and caring she is once she feels comfortable, and it worked! She was adopted almost immediately by her furever family!

234 Days with Rescue Before Video


This is Amazing! How Can I Help?

We’re glad you asked! You can help by becoming a Pup Pals sponsor. When you choose to sponsor a dog, you will get to follow along as the Pup Pals team creates a video to highlight just what makes your pup special. You’ll get to join us on the journey as the Pup Pals work to find a furever home for your pup! After that, you can choose whether you want to sponsor another dog or just hear stories about other pets being helped by the Pup Pals.